The OAPCE’s annual conference held at Monsignor Percy Johnson Secondary School in Etobicoke on April 13 was a remarkable event that left a lasting impact on all who attended. Thanks to the dedication and support of our attendees, sponsors, and vendors, the conference was a resounding success!

Throughout the day, participants were treated to a series of enriching experiences, including engaging keynote speeches, informative workshops, and valuable networking opportunities. The event served as a platform for lively discussions, insightful reflections, and the exchange of innovative ideas aimed at advancing Catholic education in Ontario.

As the buzz from the conference continues to reverberate within the educational community, we invite everyone to relive the excitement by exploring the conference highlights. From inspiring presentations to thought-provoking discussions, there’s plenty to discover and learn from.

Whether you were able to attend the conference or not, now is the perfect time to catch up on what everyone is talking about. Join us as we revisit the memorable moments and celebrate the collective achievements of our community. Read on to discover the conference scoop and keep the conversation going!

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