Enhancing Catholic Education

In November, we had the honor of attending a meeting with Most Rev. Archbishop Leo at the Head office of the Archdiocese of Toronto. The Archdiocese of Toronto includes the City of Toronto, as well as the surrounding regional municipalities of Peel, York, and Durham, and the northern section of Simcoe County.

As advocates for Catholic Education, we had the opportunity to sit down with His Grace and discuss the many wonderful things happening in our school system. We also brought up ongoing issues and concerns that we, as parents in the system, face. We emphasized the importance of respecting our role as the first educators of our children and ensuring that this is valued in all aspects of Catholic Education. We also stressed the significance of being involved in any and all discussions regarding our children. We shared our belief in the importance of faith and explained why we choose to send our children to Catholic Schools – to provide them with an education that is centered around Christ and to seek academic success for all our children. We expressed our gratitude to Archbishop Leo for his unwavering support of parental roles and for his leadership in our faith community. We eagerly look forward to continuing our partnership and feel incredibly honored to foster it with grace and humility.

The Archdiocese is currently seeking feedback from all members of the community to guide its pastoral plans. We encourage you to provide your input at the following link:

Additionally, we are delighted to share that Archbishop Leo will be leading us in mass and will be speaking at our 85th Anniversary conference in Toronto in April 2024! Further details will be announced soon.

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