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Educational resources inspired by the NBA.
New activities and mascots every Tuesday!


Looking for ideas on how to keep the kids off screens during these last few weeks of winter?

Check out the Ontario Science Centre DIY Science Fun page for inspiration on:

  • things to make
  • fun with food
  • experiments
  • puzzles & games
  • outside activities

Does your child have ADHD or a learning disability?

Does your child have ADHD or a learning disability? 

The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario has compiled a fantastic list of websites and online resources:

Click below to look for support to help your child thrive, both in the classroom and out.

Attention parents of students with Special Needs!

Attention parents of students with Special Needs!
Did you know Easter Seals has an amazing resource page focused on Education?
You will definitely want to check out their comprehensive guide to topics such as Starting School, High School and Supporting Success.

They have a super blog section which contains tons of useful information and insights about IEP’s (Individual Education Plans).

Building Parent Engagement – Tool Kit

Building Parent Engagement (Parent Tool Kit, and Planning Parent Engagement Guidebook) was developed with the input of students, parents and educators from across the province, and drawing on resources such as the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health, Kids Help Phone, and PrevNet. Material is evidence informed and experience based and includes proven techniques, practices and innovative ideas and resources such as information about digital storytelling, links to websites for creating slideshows, and sample virtual fieldtrip websites. The Family Opinion Matters section of the Guidebook contains sample survey menus to gather parent input and inform initiatives that value parents and support student achievement.

Parent Tool Kit - Teen Edition

The Teen Edition was developed in response to parent feedback during consultation for the initial tool kit. It provides support for parents to help their teens succeed, including tips on being informed, and being a listener, a coach, a mentor, a learner and a guide.

Building Healthy Relationships

Building Healthy Relationships focuses on topics such as mental well- being, conflict resolution, bullying prevention, social media and resilience.

Inspiring Your Child to Learn and Love Math

This tool kit is designed to foster the engagement of parents of elementary students in their children’s mathematics learning, and to inform, support and nourish the work parents currently do as the first teachers of their children. The components of the tool kit include a series of fact sheets, implementation guide, resource guide, workshop invitation, videos and workshop reflection kit.

Choose a Path That Includes Math

Choose a Path That Includes Math provides on-line resources for teens and parents to use together (grades 7-12). This resource equips parents and teens with resources they can use at home (or teachers can use at school) to guide decision-making about mathematics pathways and to support shared expectations and aspirations. Choose a Path That Includes Math is a web-based, engaging hub of interactive pathways, embedded videos, expert and student testimonials, successful adults speaking of how they use math every day coupled with excellent resources and links.

Math Storytime app

The objective of the Math Storytime mobile app is to help parents explore simple math concepts with their children (ages 5-7) through stories accessible on their tablets or smartphones (also laptops and computers). Parents and caregivers can engage with their children in fun activities and ‘math talk’ through discussion bubbles which extend the learning of each story.

Free 1:1 online math tutoring with Ontario Certified Teachers

TVO Learn Mathify provides FREE online math help for Ontario students in Grades 4-12. Access our math tutoring website from any digital device, whenever you need the help

Financial literacy modules for students

Made specifically for Ontario secondary students, these self-guided learning modules aim to strengthen your financial literacy in an interactive and engaging format.

Roots of Empathy:

Roots of Empathy: video series with Mary Gordon

Parenting through COVID-19: A series of mental health and well-being videos for parents. Captioning available in 19 languages, including six Indigenous languages – talking about covid-19, anxiety, friendship, parents as teachers, sharing our vulnerability…


Kevin Frankish – “This Moment”

Anthony Perrotta “Create, Curate and Connect: Why Digital Portfolio Matters”

OAPCE – CVO Parent Webinar

Penny Patrician “Parents Matter!”

Wayne Jones M. Ed. “Victorious Living! Victorious Parenting”

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