Discovering the Heart of Catholic Education: OAPCE’s Position Paper

The Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE) is proud to present its latest position paper, “Empowering Parents and Preserving Catholic Education: Ensuring Student Success and Well-being in Ontario.” This paper delves into the critical importance of publicly funded Catholic education in Ontario and the indispensable role parents play as primary educators. It serves as a guiding light for all stakeholders invested in the future of Catholic education in our province.

Introduction: Unveiling the Essence of Catholic Education

In the heart of Ontario’s educational landscape lies the vibrant tapestry of Catholic education, woven together by the unwavering commitment of parents, educators, and communities. Our position paper illuminates the essence of Catholic education, emphasizing its profound impact on student success and well-being. Through collaborative efforts and a shared vision, we endeavor to preserve and promote the rich heritage of Catholic education for generations to come.

Journey through the Paper:

Within the pages of our position paper, you will embark on a journey that explores the core principles and values underpinning Catholic education in Ontario. From the pivotal role of parents as primary educators to the nurturing of student well-being and the promotion of Catholic identity, each section offers valuable insights and perspectives.

Engage with Insights:

The paper draws upon the findings of the 2023 OAPCE Parent Survey, providing a comprehensive overview of the challenges, priorities, and aspirations of parents in Catholic education. Through their voices, we gain a deeper understanding of the diverse needs and perspectives within our community, fueling our collective efforts to enhance the educational experience for all students.

Call to Action:

As advocates for Catholic education, we invite you to delve into the pages of our position paper and discover the transformative power of parental engagement, student well-being, and faith formation. Your participation in this discourse is invaluable, as together, we shape the future of Catholic education in Ontario.

Join Us:

We urge parents, educators, policymakers, and community members alike to join us in our mission to empower parents and preserve Catholic education. By embracing the principles outlined in our position paper, we can foster a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and excellence within our schools and communities.

Together, let us champion the values of Catholic education and ensure the success and well-being of every student in Ontario. Read the full position paper today and embark on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and transformation.

Join us in preserving the legacy of Catholic education in Ontario. Together, we can make a difference.

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