OAPCE Statement

Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education Statement on Ministry of Education’s “Ontario Strengthening Restrictions on Cell Phones and Vape Devices in Schools”.

April 27, 2024, Toronto, ON.
As Parents we know that our children are the future, and their future begins in school. Currently there are many distractions taking place all around them outside and inside of the classroom.

In keeping with the mission statement of going “Back to the Basics” or rather, getting “Back to the Fundamentals” of academic learning in the classroom, we are happy to support Minister Lecce’s call to restrict cell phone use during critical classroom learning hours. This limited access to the use of cell phones will allow our children to focus on their education which is the priority.

We also support tougher measures to prevent the use of vape, tobacco, nicotine and cannabis among students in schools. Together, working with our Parents, Educators and Education Partners, we are confident that the future for our children will be a better and brighter one.

Thank you for your continued support.
The Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education.

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