85th Anniversary

Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE) Unveils New Website and Commemorates 85th Anniversary

Toronto, Ontario – October 10, 2023

The Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE) is thrilled to introduce its freshly launched website, coinciding with a significant milestone – the celebration of its 85th anniversary. This newly revamped digital hub is designed to empower parents with a wealth of resources, essential information, and advocacy tools while emphasizing the critical role parents hold as the primary educators of their children.

Our theme this year is: Celebrate OAPCE 85: A Yearlong Celebration of Change, Commitment and Catholic Education. As we celebrate this milestone anniversary of OAPCE, we recognize the importance of parent leadership in shaping the entire education landscape in Ontario. As part of our celebration, we are excited to unveil our new logo, symbolizing our unwavering dedication to families in Catholic Education.

The focal point of this launch is an engaging blog series, featuring a recent article titled “Upholding Parental Rights and Values in Canadian Education.” This blog post delves into OAPCE’s commitment to safeguarding parental voice and authority in education, with a particular focus on parental involvement in family-related school matters.

Blog Series Highlights:

  1. Upholding Parental Rights and Values in Canadian Education: This article underscores the significance of parental engagement and stresses the need to uphold parental rights, particularly in sensitive family matters.
  1. The Voice of Parents: Advocacy, Engagement, and Empowerment: Discover how OAPCE advocates for parental rights, encourages active involvement, and empowers parents to have a meaningful say in their children’s education.
  1. Love, Values, and Catholic Education: A Commitment to Holistic Growth: Explore OAPCE’s perspective on the role of Catholic schools in promoting love, values, and inclusivity, in accordance with Catholic teachings.
  1. Our New Website and Anniversary Logo: Celebrating Parents as First Educators: Get acquainted with the exciting features and resources available on OAPCE’s new website, along with a special anniversary logo that symbolizes the enduring partnership between parents, schools, and the community.

Quotes from the Article: Preserving Parental Rights and Values in Canadian Education:

“We will always be a voice of parents in Catholic schools, as we are mandated in the Education Act and engage, advocate and enhance the gift of Catholic education.” – Joe Perri, Co-Executive Director of OAPCE.

As OAPCE, and in the spirit of the Catholic faith, we are committed to working in harmony with our partners in the Catholic School community. We stand by an open door policy and encourage meaningful dialogue and participation with educators, teachers and administrators alike. Together we can ensure the future is brighter and better for all our children.

Your Role:

OAPCE encourages parents, educators, and community members to share these blogs to ensure that every parent in the community has access to these valuable resources. By amplifying our collective voice, we can empower parents and emphasize the crucial role they play in their children’s education.

Stay Connected:

Visit the new OAPCE website to access the complete blog series and stay updated on advocacy initiatives, events, and resources. Join us in celebrating parents as the first educators, and let us work together to make a positive impact on our children’s education.

About OAPCE:

The Ontario Association of Parents In Catholic Education (OAPCE) is dedicated to advancing the role of parents as first educators. We work tirelessly to empower parents, foster collaboration between parents and schools, and advocate for parental rights in Catholic education.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: [email protected]

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