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As parents, we play a crucial role in shaping our children’s lives and guiding them toward success. We teach them values, educate them about the world, and help them navigate through their educational journey. But how often do we personally get involved and set the example of what it means to be a part of the school community? This is where the Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE) comes in:“I never fully realized the impact of my involvement in the school community until I saw the positive changes it brought to my child’s grades and sense of pride. Being an OAPCE liaison representative allowed me to stay informed about education policies and initiatives and also actively participate in shaping my child’s educational experience. Through my engagement and advocacy, I witnessed firsthand how my child’s motivation and self-esteem soared. It’s incredible what can happen when parents step up and show their kids that their education matters. OAPCE has truly given me the platform to make a difference and instill a sense of pride in my child’s academic journey.” – D. Teti, OAPCE Director and proud parent.OAPCE has been the voice of parents and guardians of children enrolled in the publicly funded English Catholic System of Education in the province of Ontario since 1939. We are the only Catholic parent association recognized by the Ministry of Education and mandated through the Education Act in Regulation 612 School Councils. Our central mandate is to provide information and resources for parents, protect parental rights, and support our children to succeed in school to ENGAGE. ADVOCATE and ENHANCE.By becoming a member of OAPCE, you elevate the profile of a publicly funded Catholic system of education and also become part of a community that advocates for the protection and promotion of Catholic education in Ontario. Being a member allows you to access ongoing information sharing, resources, learning opportunities, networking, and community building. It’s a chance to engage, advocate, and enhance the education system for our children and future generations.One way to actively participate in supporting Catholic education is by becoming an OAPCE liaison representative. As per Section 612 of the Education Act, every local parent school council is required to have an OAPCE representative. The role of an OAPCE liaison representative is to provide contact between the school council, the regional council, and the provincial association. It is an additional voting parent member position that acts as a conduit to share parents’ views and concerns with the OAPCE.Being an OAPCE liaison representative is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on your child’s education and the education of others. You become a voice for parents, ensuring that their perspectives and ideas are heard and considered. You also have the chance to collaborate with various education stakeholders, such as the Institute of Catholic Education (ICE), Curriculum Review, and other Catholic education partners such as bishops, principals, trustees, and teachers. Together, we can work towards enhancing Catholic education in Ontario.

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As we teach our children the importance of education, faith, and community, let’s also show them what it means to be actively involved in shaping their educational experience. By becoming an OAPCE representative, we demonstrate our commitment to their growth and success. We become their role models, showing them the value of participating, advocating, and caring about their school community.

At OAPCE, we provide opportunities for parents like you to connect, learn, and contribute. Join us in one of our regional committee meetings, where you can attend and connect with other OAPCE representatives from your school board. This is a platform for all the OAPCE representatives to come together to receive pertinent information regarding Catholic education as well as being able to connect with other parents in our region.

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Our annual conference brings parents from all across Ontario together for keynote speakers, faith celebrations, and workshops that address parenting, navigating the education system, and supporting student achievement. It’s a chance to network, gain knowledge, and collaborate with fellow parents and education professionals. Stay tuned for information on our 85th Anniversary conference in Toronto in 2024!In the spirit of the Catholic faith, OAPCE is committed to staying true to our mission and vision and working collaboratively with all stakeholders in the community for the common good. We stand by an open-door policy and encourage meaningful dialogue and participation with parents, administrators, and educators alike. Our focus is on guiding our children, our young members of the community, with love and respect in our schools through a Catholic lens. Together, we can ensure the future is brighter and better for all our children. By becoming a member of OAPCE and getting actively involved, you have the opportunity to contribute to this important work and support the gift of publicly funded Catholic education for generations to come. If you are not an OAPCE representative and would like to become one, contact us at [email protected]!

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