The OAPCE’s annual conference held at Monsignor Percy Johnson Secondary School in Etobicoke on April 13 was a remarkable event that left a lasting impact on all who attended. Thanks to the dedication and support of our attendees, sponsors, and vendors, the conference was a resounding success! Throughout the day, participants were treated to a […]


Navigating Modern Family Life

Balancing Faith Formation and Digital Minimalism In today’s fast-paced world, finding the balance between nurturing family faith and navigating the digital landscape can be challenging. Thankfully, there are resources and insights available to help guide families through these complexities. “Everyday Family Faith” by Sandy Swartzentruber is a compact yet powerful tool for families seeking to

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Year of Prayer

In a world often characterized by hustle and bustle, Pope Francis invites us to pause and reflect on the profound significance of prayer. With the inauguration of the Year of Prayer ahead of the 2025 Jubilee, the Holy Father calls upon believers worldwide to deepen their spiritual connection and prepare their hearts for the grace-filled

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Cell Phone Policy

Reclaiming Classroom Focus: Ontario’s Push for Cell Phone Restrictions During Critical Teaching Hours In the ever-evolving landscape of education, Ontario is taking a bold step towards refocusing classrooms on what matters most: learning. With the introduction of new standardized provincewide measures and increased resources, the province aims to tackle a pervasive issue that has been

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Discovering the Heart of Catholic Education: OAPCE’s Position Paper

The Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE) is proud to present its latest position paper, “Empowering Parents and Preserving Catholic Education: Ensuring Student Success and Well-being in Ontario.” This paper delves into the critical importance of publicly funded Catholic education in Ontario and the indispensable role parents play as primary educators. It serves

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Advocacy 101

Advocacy 101: The Power of Speaking Up for our Children and Catholic Education Introduction: Advocacy plays a crucial role in ensuring that our children receive the best education possible and that our Catholic values are preserved. The Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE) understands the importance of parents’ voices in advocating for their

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Nurturing Human Rights

 Nurturing Human Rights, Dignity, and Respect: The Significance of Family Education in Ontario Catholic Schools.  In a world that often seems divided by differences, it is more important than ever to promote human rights, dignity, and respect. These fundamental values form the cornerstone of Ontario Catholic Family Life Education, instilling in students the knowledge and

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Special Education and your Child

SPECIAL EDUCATION AND YOUR CHILD – A PARENT TO PARENT POST Does your child have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a Special Education need?  If so, you are not alone – according to the Ontario Ministry of Education, 17.4% of students in 2021-2022 received Special Education programs and/or services.   How can you ensure

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